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Welcome to our broad world of sophisticated technologies related to every possibility concerning ‘cenospheres’ and its developments. We are ready to provide completely processed cenospheres in bulk and also other Cenospheres related technical services as per industry needs. Our prolonged experience and specialized services enable us to work together with customers to successfully meet their requirements and demands.

The word Cenosphere is derived from two Greek words kenos (hollow, void) and sphaera (sphere), literally meaning hollow spheres. Cenospheres are also known as hollowspheres, microspheres or cennaspheres. It is a natural derivative of burned coal and the same is mostly fetched from fly ash.

These are made of mostly 50% silica + 35% Alumina + rest all are various other materials. The mostly demanded cenospheres are always entrapped with different inert gases and owing to that it floats in the water and that is why it is also called “FLOATERS”, also since the specific gravity of these cenospheres are much less than water and with entrapped gases, it floats. A completely processed and dried cenosphere has an amazing flow-ability which is rare most in any other material available on earth.

Cenospheres have various promising and sophisticated utilities depending on this true chemical and physical properties and the ability to process the same. Let’s take you on a tour as you visit our website to enable you understand our capabilities, potential and eagerness to keep growing wonderful technologies.